Friday, 27 October 2017

News Report: "Only The gods Know The Time To Release Me After Fortifying Me For The Crucial Battle Ahead"---Nnamdi Kanu



INTRO: Since the clashes between members of the proscribed and designated terrorists organization, the Indigenous People of Biafra  (IPOB),and the Nigerian soldiers in  September 2017,  leader of the Southeast -based  Biafran secessionists sect, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu  has reportedly gone into hiding. His sudden disappearance raised anxiety   in Nigeria and beyond about his whereabouts, fuelling speculations about his possible arrest by the military.

However, after several weeks of tension on the matter,’s Reporter, Jane Obiorah  traced Kanu to his hideout  in the creeks of Bayelsa  , where he spoke  on his struggles, failure to appear in court for his treason trial, arms importation by the sect, Anambra state guber polls  and the betrayals among other  interesting issues. Excerpts.

EveryNews247.Com: Sir, you were reported missing since September following the alleged invasion of your father’s country home in  Abia state by the Nigerian military. Many of your adherents have accused you of betrayal and abandonment of the cause of Biafran succession. What is the reality now?

KANU:  Not at all. It is nonsense propaganda against my person, IPOB and the cause we’re prepared to sacrifice our lives. Our resolve never to give up the struggle is the greatest problem of the leaders and animals in the Zoo country called Nigeria.  What you hear about my running away is sponsored blackmail against me and  the Ndi’gbo race by detractors, security agents and the government of the Zoo country.  Ask yourself, can a man go into hiding in his fatherland?  I am neither shaken nor perturbed; I am not disturbed; the struggle for Biafran is a flame gone aglow beyond the powers of anyone to quench.  I cannot run away from the military; no! never!!

I have only gone to consult and commune with my ancestors, to seek their counsel and blessings. I shall soon be back, stronger and more aggressive in the pursuit of the actualization of a sovereign Republic Biafra. My foot soldiers, I mean IPOB members are aware of my whereabouts;  Ndi’gbo is aware, that’s why you see the calm everywhere. And so, no one should be deceived. There is no need to   panic at my temporary absence from the stage of action or to believe the propaganda of government of the Zoo country and its useless, powerless and empty military animals. They came to intimidate us but couldn’t kill anyone in our land.

As you can see, I am in Biafran land at Aken Way by Chukwu Abi-ama, from where I go intermittently to consult my ancestors at the shrine. I am obeying their orders and when they are through with me, I shall be released and you will see me back to open the struggle. Now, it has gone spiritual.  I am in my spiritual palace now. I had to do this so as to keep away from traitors who are desperate to aid the seizure of  Biafran Land. They could have interfered or disrupted the sacred process of my interface with my ancestors and the gods of Biafra land, if had not taken this step.

EveryNews247.Com. How soon would you be back?
KANU: I don’t know; only the gods knows the time to release me after fortifying me for the crucial battle ahead.  And in the name of Chukwu  Okike Obiama, we shall definitely  reclaim Biafran land. It may take 5 years, 10 years or even more but the celebration that Biafra is dead is temporal. We are defeated but will never surrender.

EveryNews247.Com: It is believed  IPOB which you lead is in the struggle for the actualization of a Biafran state alone. There is this public disclaim of Biafran map by adjoining states and other regions especially the South-South. What is your thinking?

KANU:  These are issues that would not beg for answers when the time comes. You should understand, clearly that no sane human being  in the South is opposed to Biafra, except the Yorubas. I will explain why later. But we are not in the struggle because we want to please every tom, dick and harry!   What sounds like dissension voices against Biafran are sponsored opinions by some leaders of the regions which appear to oppose Biafra. I am talking about the South-South now. You know, some of their leaders like Goodluck Jonathan have committed a lot of atrocities and they dread the shadows of Buhari. They are the brains behind the vile media hype against us.

As President, Jonathan promised us full support to make Biafra a reality. But he reneged on this promise. He is a man not worth his onions; He is not just a weak and indecisive person, but what our people call “woman wrapper.” It is not long ago that it dawned on me Jonathan cannot be trusted by anyone; he has no guts; no courage and very uninspiring. While the likes of our brothers like leader of MEND, (Alhaji) Asari Dokubo have not hidden their support for us, Jonathan hides and whispers, with hands covering the mouth like the typical weakling he is. I am angry with him because you cannot trust Jonathan.

Look at how he sold out people like Col. (Sambo) Dasuki, Olisa Metuh,  Diezani Allison Madueke, Femi Fani Kayode  (FFK) who was his campaign chief publicist among several other confidants. He has abandoned them, without remorse  to face their travails, just because he wants to save his neck from the knife of Buhari.  He has dumped them at a critical time they need his support most. What has he done since my brother and friend, FFK was arrested?  What has he done for others still in the captivity of the Zoo Republic? Nothing! Even when he was President, it was his wife Dame Patience that was ruling Nigeria.  Is that someone you will call a leader?

Let me tell you a secret; (adjusts his seat)  IPOB wanted to defend Jonathan and his family from the anarchic government of these Hausa/Fulanis, but we backed out  because  he is too self-centered and  selfish; he  thinks only of himself alone.  It is wickedness to abandon your people when they are in trouble. So, I am not surprised that he is instigating fake publicity on Biafran map from the  South-South angle.

EveryNews247.Com: And why did you say, you don’t expect the Yorubas or Southwest people to blend with IPOB or Ndi’gbo on Biafra agitations?

KANU: An average Oduduwa descendant is treacherous; he is a betrayer; they are traitors of the worse poisonous breed. So, how can they be party to a struggle of liberation? They are bootlickers of the Hausa/Fulani hegemony. In spite of their claims to education and international exposure, cattle and sheep rearers are the ones ruling them, while they are followers like zombies to the hegemonic leadership of Northerners. It’s nonsense and I repeat, absolute nonsense!   They are not even complaining, they are comfortable with it.

But I think God is punishing the Yorubas for betraying our hero and mentor, Dim Odemegwu Ojukwu during the Biafran struggles of 1967-70. The Hausa/Fulani oligarchy conspired and jailed Chief (Obafemi) Awolowo over trump-up treasonable charges. He was jailed in the Southeast and Ojukwu freed him with an agreement that he would mobilize his people against federal forces to give Biafra a boost. But after regaining freedom, Awolowo ignored everything and rather, pitched tent with his jailers.  They are not normal human beings, very womanish, that’s why they dread every shadow. Please,   quote me anywhere! It’s a fact none of them can deny.

But let me warn again that the Yorubas must stop exploiting the Igbos. We can no longer tolerate the exploitation of our people.  I am warning them to desist from taking an undue advantage of Ndi’gbo especially in Yoruba churches. If they continue, I swear by my ancestors, we shall chase them to their shrines, fight them spiritually and physically,   and ensure we kill all Yorubas in the name of chukwu  okike obiama.

EveryNews247. Com: Sir, IPOB gave an order stopping the scheduled conduct of the November 2017 Anambra state governorship elections. Is the order still in force?

KANU: No! I have directed my lieutenants to allow the elections hold. But it is not  because we are afraid of the security agents of the Zoo country.  We can never be afraid of them.  We are ready to march them strength for strength; weapon for weapon.  The Biafra Security Service (BSS) the Biafra National Guard (BNG) have been trained and armed to handle any challenge to our orders or threat to us. And we would have done it. But we decided to withdraw the order on Anambra governorship elections because insisting on it would amount to throwing the baby away with the bath water. We have seen signs of the emergence of a true son of Biafra as governor of that state in the elections. The UPP guber candidate, Chief  Osita Chidoka is a genuine representative of IPOB anytime. 

So, we felt frustrating the elections would deny him a chance to emerge a leader of our people and decided to suspend the directive.

On behalf of IPOB, I hereby declare full support for Osita  Chidoka in the Anambra state governorship elections. All my supporters should not fear the ineffective and inconsequential terrorist tag on IPOB, but go out to mobilize and expand support base for him.  All Ndi’gbo who have Biafra at heart and IPOB members must troop out enmasse to vote  UPP in the Anambra polls to dethrone the traitor  on seat.

EveryNews247.Com: You mentioned arming BSS and the BNG. Does it mean the rumour that you imported arms….?

KANU: (cuts in sharply). It’s not a rumour that we have imported arms from Turkey to fight this Zoo Republic and its cursed leaders and animals.  The Turks are great people who believe in our cause. We shall burn down this Zoo country, if they try to block Biafra in any guise again.  Only a fool would approach an enemy with bare hands.  We are stockpiling arms and I want to assure Biafrans not to quiver. We have placed orders for more arms, which I hope will come into this God forsaken Zoo country as soon as I finish consulting with the gods and they release me from  my spiritual palace.  I will finalize arrangement for the arrival of another consignment of arms. Nobody is granted freedom peacefully; liberty is obtained by force of arms from slave masters all over the world. And we want to be prepared to face whatever option thrown at us.  We cannot be an exemption.

EveryNews247. Com: Apparently, you were angered at the proscription order on IPOB by the Southeast Governors Forum. Have you reconciled your differences?

KANU: How can we reconcile? Do you congratulate a man who stabs you on the back?  They know that there was no justification for the decision. We consider them worse traitors and betrayers of the Biafran cause. I want to warn them never to obstruct us again. We don’t  necessarily need their support to achieve what we want; but it’s better for them to be onlookers than connive with the Hausa/Fulanis to fart at  their kinsmen. I promise the Southeast governors that their day of reckoning is coming soon. No one is joking or playing games here. What we must do unfailingly is to sack all of them the moment I step out of my spiritual palace, with more powers and protection from our ancestors by the special grace  of Chukwu  Okike Obiama.
EveryNews247.Com:  It seems your support base for the actualization of a Biafran state is waning,  with France exposing to the Nigerian government IPOB’s  secret bank accounts and donors into the accounts for the Biafran cause. Are you worried?

KANU: Biafran secession struggle is beyond IPOB. It is a phenomenon no one can predict its direction, except a few apostles.  It is not a mere movement, but a revolution. We cannot be worried simply because France is running its mouth over IPOB. We expected it; we saw it coming. France even failed to condemn the   invasion of my residence; my country home by the army.  But if France does not change its disposition and repent from the sins it is committing against IPOB and Biafrans, we shall hit them back.  It is very easy for us to pull down France in global shame and ignominy.

EveryNews247.Com: The case of treasonable felony  slammed against you by the Federal Government of Nigeria at a federal High Court Abuja,  for which you were granted bail,  came out last week, but you were absent in court. Why?

KANU:  (twists face) Which court? I ask you, which court? By the grace of the gods of Biafran land; by the special anointing of our ancestors on me, I am forbidden to answer to any judiciary in the Zoo country; some of you call Nigeria and its animals in whatever capacity. I cannot respect, much more give honour to a Zoo court, erected by  Zoo animals and  presided over by Zoo judges.

I cannot subject myself to any further questioning by an Hausa/Fulani  Judge,  who has already been briefed to  throw me into Kuje  Prison in the Zoo Republic.  I am not a citizen of the Zoo nation. So, it is sacrilegious for me to condescend to such levels anymore.  Men of courage and vision cannot be tricked twice. That’s why I respect and honour Boko Haram leader,  Abubakar  Shekau and all the comrades and commanders  in Sambisa forest fighting this Zoo Republic  to establish their  independent Islamic Caliphate. May peace be unto them and success,  be their path.  I extend my heartfelt greetings to them all. It is my prayers that we should never, ever relent and by the support of our people, victory will surely come our way against this  Zoo Country very soon!


  1. Folks,the nigerian vandal military are at it again. If you go by the history of the zoo (nigeria)jugle military it will be a miracle if Nnamdi Kanu is still alive. The vandals usually kill the Igbo and dump them in shalow or mass graves and then announce them missing. It will take months or even years before the nigerians come out clean to reannounce they were killed during the event of??? We are used to that.But this one will be more shameful of the Igbo if they couldn't protect a "single" person in the person of Nnamdi. We should be mindful that nigerians have no problem with Nnamdi Kanu as a person; they have problems with the Igbo;they hate the Igbo, period.Every Tgbo is a member of IPOB.

  2. Folks,the nigerian vandal military are at it again. If you go by the history of the zoo (nigeria)jugle military it will be a miracle if Nnamdi Kanu is still alive. The vandals usually kill the Igbo and dump them in shalow or mass graves and then announce them missing. It will take months or even years before the nigerians come out clean to reannounce they were killed during the event of??? We are used to that.But this one will be more shameful of the Igbo if they couldn't protect a "single" person in the person of Nnamdi. We should be mindful that nigerians have no problem with Nnamdi Kanu as a person; they have problems with the Igbo;they hate the Igbo, period.Every Tgbo is a member of IPOB.


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