Wednesday, 20 December 2017

News Release: Arrest Of Innocent Chukwuma, CEO Of Innoson Motors Ltd By EFCC Is A Dangerous, Unprovoked And Undisguised Act Of Regional Aggression

Going by the chronology of facts available to it  and the verifications of same so far made, the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) has reached a preliminary determination that the aggression unleashed against Innocent Chukwuma, CEO of Innoson Motors Ltd is an arm-twisting brigandage by the Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) and its owners, using the EFCC and Police an instruments of Intimidation, in a straightforward matter of Commercial Dispute in which the embattled Innocent Chukwuma and his company, Innoson had recoursed to the painstakingly slow judicial process for remediation.

This undisguised aggression, which is heavily laden with Regional and Ethnic connotations, is coming at a time Nigeria is wriggling in the throes of Self-Determination Disputations along the fault- lines of Nigeria that currently gasps for air as one Political Union.

The LNC is following the situation very closely and will not hesitate to mobilize such Regional  response, Political, Legal and otherwise as might become necessary, in aid of a Private Citizen of the Lower Niger and his Company, that braved all the odds deliberately stacked against Eastern Nigeria to erect the inspiring value adding Manufacturing Venture which Innoson Motors Ltd represents.

There had been a number of such attacks targeted at persons and businesses of the Lower Niger Territory, executed with either official sanction or complicity, but which went largely unchallenged, beyond mild protestations by way condemnation. 

This one will not go unchallenged.

Let it be recalled that the LNC had cause to address a major Press Conference in the last Quarter of 2016 on this pattern of Politically motivated Economic aggression against persons from the Lower Niger and their business interests, by what seems like the Alliance of the rest of Nigeria, warning of possible dire consequences for the fragile Nigerian Political Union. The audiovisual of that Press Conference still runs on YouTube under the title "NIGERIA ON THE BRINK" and review of that video will further put this intervention in perspective.


Tony Nnadi
Lower Niger Congress.

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