Monday, 30 January 2017

Article: Interpreting The 'Change' We Voted For!

By abiodun KOMOLAFE

The world had barely settled down to the reality of Brexit when Donald Trump trounced Hillary Clinton to clinch victory in an election that would eventually shame the power of opinion polls. Trump purportedly played a fast one on unsuspecting Americans and the world was left to grapple with 'Trump Trauma'. A few weeks after, Fidel Castro was done with the wildness  of this  world and  the  world, with the exception  of  those who felt threatened by his Marxist-Leninist  disposition, mourned the passing of a great humanist. Along the line,  Yahya  Jammeh  happened to our democratic psyche and that tragically revived memories of sit-tightism that  has all  along  been the bane of our Africanness. Elsewhere in Europe, Italy stunned the world with a referendum which, though looked and sounded marginal in shape and size,  has, in all the important ways, changed the face of global politics. And, uninterested in being uncounted, Nigeria continues to grapple with recession even as economic  juggernauts catwalk excuses!