Saturday, 18 February 2017

Article: The Politics Of State Robbery In Nigeria

By Chido Onumah

Late last month, as a section of the country awaited the triumphant return of James Ibori, an ex-governor of Delta State, who was jailed, incidentally, in the UK for his egregious looting of his state’s treasury while in office, the Nigerian media landscape was abuzz with stories about the mind-boggling salaries, allowances and other perquisites of office that elected officials and state functionaries in the country enjoy.

News Release: 48 Hour Ultimatum To Governor Dickson...Apologize To Annkio Briggs Or.....

Ankkio Briggs 

On behalf of the Joint Revolutionary Council, an alliance of key agitating groups across the Niger Delta, we wish to declare a 48 hour ultimatum to the Governor Henry Seriake Dickson to apologize to foremost Ijaw female activist, Annkio Briggs for the brutal assault on her person and her colleagues during a recent peaceful protest in Bayelsa by paid agents of the Governor.