Sunday, 19 February 2017

Special Report: Justice For Ebere Ohakwe

"On this day 15th Feb 2017 I write to thank the Nigerian Army for wanting to take my life and above all lying against me also,just yesterday I came across a publication that says  the NA  summoned the soldier who brutalized me on the 30th of Jan 2017,that he is being interrogated and they are looking at for me hmmm...This got me confused because I have been in the hospital since 1st of Feb 2017 after I left pH to onitsha here and nobody cared to even ask how I was doing only for me to read that. Now my question to Nigerian army is this 'what are you up to' asin why the lies?

News Release: Onitsha Fuel Station Fire Disaster: A Divine Warning And Wakeup Call To Govt Of Anambra State

The recent Onitsha fuel station fire disaster that gutted a Mobil Petrol Filling Station and about 13 other residential buildings containing flat apartments, law firms, commercial shops and an electronics sales office and its warehouse, etc; is a divine warning and wakeup call to the present Government of Anambra State over its poor urban  and environmental planning, development and management. That is to say that the human tragedies so averted are divine and miraculous as well as teachable lessons and warning to the present Government of Anambra State.