Wednesday, 20 December 2017

News Release: Arrest Of Innocent Chukwuma, CEO Of Innoson Motors Ltd By EFCC Is A Dangerous, Unprovoked And Undisguised Act Of Regional Aggression

Going by the chronology of facts available to it  and the verifications of same so far made, the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) has reached a preliminary determination that the aggression unleashed against Innocent Chukwuma, CEO of Innoson Motors Ltd is an arm-twisting brigandage by the Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) and its owners, using the EFCC and Police an instruments of Intimidation, in a straightforward matter of Commercial Dispute in which the embattled Innocent Chukwuma and his company, Innoson had recoursed to the painstakingly slow judicial process for remediation.