Wednesday, 2 May 2018

News Release: "Adamawa Bombing: We Must Smash This System Now!"-----UAD

We in the UAD are tired of sending condolences to the suffering masses, especially those in the North East over the continuouos spate of mass killings going on as has just happened in Adamawa. 

We believe very strongly that it is high time we rose up and take our destinies into our hands by taking the bull by the horns and smash all the machinery of the ruling class that has failed to defend our security and fend for our collective needs and welfare. Or of what use are we allowing an economic and political system that continue to keep us starving; make us sleep in shanties and under bridges; tax the hell out of our meager earnings; and sell off all our commonwealth?

The Police and Military only defend the ruling class members, and never the majority of we working people.

The United Action for Democracy advises Nigerians to start preparing for a collective revolution that will make the country truly ours. It is clear that the actors of the capitalist system which the current Buhari government represents will never be interested in changing the lives of the working people for better. The only interest is to grab power and wealth  for the personal uses. 

We extend our solidarity to the Adamawa people and remind that we have mourned enough. We must go back to that era of Independent Local Vigilantes and Peoples' Defence Committees. It is only by ourselves ca we bea able to defend ourselves!

We believe that we can build a safe and great country only if we collectively smash this system of "greed and power," and build on its ashes a country truly of the people by the people, and solely for the collective.

We shall never be discouraged!

Kunle Wizeman Ajayi,
General Secretary.

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