Monday, 6 August 2018

News Release: Strategic Partnership Between The Take Back Nigeria Movement [TBN] And The Sustainable National Party [SNP] Towards The 2019 General Elections And Beyond

When we embarked on the current phase of this journey several years ago, on the first anniversary of the January Uprising of 2012, and in the aftermath of that uprising;

We were clear that our country had entered into the vortex of deep and deepening crisis of existential proportions; and that this crisis which continues to impoverish more and more tens of millions of our people, was a result of the collective leadership failure of the ruling class and all its factions;

We understood that a crisis of such a scale and scope would require the collective organising and mobilising strength, energy, and capacities of our people, the oppressed working peoples, and victims of the failure of the class rule of the ruling class;

Furthermore; we were convinced that unleashing the full creative collective potential of our people in responding to this crisis and precipitating the emergence of a new popular, visionary, people centred, and ideological leadership will require the coming together of various fighting platforms of our people in a strategic alliance;

We understood, that successfully supplanting the failed class leadership of the discredited, myopic, parochial, inept, and light fingered ruling class, will require the building of a United Political Front of the social forces of our people, the oppressed and exploited working peoples;

We were therefore committed from the very beginning to the building of such a United Political Front as the radical political alternative;

Towards this end, our platform, the Take Back Nigeria Movement [TBN], a radical, mass, left, socialist oriented, anti-establishment political movement; has been involved in efforts and conversations towards the construction of such a Left United Political Front, through the coming together of radical social formations;

It is in this vain, and in this light that we at TBN now publicly announce the conclusion of an agreement, and entry into a strategic partnership between our left and socialist oriented mass political platform - TBN, and the socialist oriented political party - the SNP.

The nature and character of the strategic partnership between TBN and SPN, is towards building the SNP into the Party to enforce the implementation of Chapter Two of the 1999 CFRN, a product of our historic struggles which engendered the historic compromise of 1978.

The implication of the strategic partnership between our platform TBN and the SNP, entered into on the 24th of July 2018 involves the following;
That the TBN has now adopted the SNP as our preferred political party platform;

That the TBN shall by this strategic partnership promote, and canvass support for the SNP, its programs and activities, and its candidates in elections, through all our platforms, and in the course of all our activities;
That the TBN, will by this strategic partnership encourage her members and supporters to become active members of the SNP;

That the TBN and SNP shall work together in a collective manner to build the SNP as a membership based and ideologically driven party, capable of responding to the yearnings of our people, and articulating correctly, their aspirations;

That this implies that we shall work with our strategic partners in the SNP to undertake rigorous and continuous political education of party members, through a structured Party-political education process and institution;

That the TBN will continue to retain its identity as a mass political movement, without prejudice to its strategic partnership with the SNP.
If you support our vision and mission to Take Back Nigeria - Inch By Inch; and to Rebuild Our Country - Brick By Brick; and you are encouraged to be a member of the party, go to & for membership registration. We also urge you to follow the following link to register as member of TBN"

Jaye Gaskia
Take Back Nigeria Movement [TBN]

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