Thursday, 30 August 2018

News Release: Faith And Traditional Leaders To Meet And Discuss The Way Forward For Gender Justice In Nigeria

Gender Justice seeks a world where everyone (men, women, boys and girls) is valued equally, and able to share equitably in the distribution of power, knowledge and resources. It is on this basis that the Side by Side movement, a growing global movement of people of faith who want to see gender justice become a reality across the world was established.
Recognising the influence of faith and traditional leaders on social norms and behaviours of individuals and societies, the Side by Side movement is a platform for faith and traditional leaders to build a movement to champion the rights of women and girls, men and boys for the attainment of gender justice. Through this movement, they will work together to pursue transformational change for gender justice by addressing the inequality and powerlessness faced by women and girls who suffer systematic disadvantage and discrimination – particularly those who are poor, live in rural areas, and are from particular social groups.