Friday, 5 July 2019

News Release: "Brace Up, Defend Yourselves"--Niger Delta Militant Group To Niger Deltans

The attention of the Joint Revolutionary Council has been drawn to a declaration by a leechist group, the Coalition of Northern Groups in which a 30 day ultimatum was given to the Government of the Nigerian State led by their kinsman, General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd.) to rescind its decision on the suspension of the satanic RUGA settlement policy.

We have felt the hands of Esau. We also know the voice of Jacob.

In furtherance thereof, we declare that any attempt to infringe upon the peaceful and secure life of any Niger Deltan anywhere across the Bantustans of the Nigerian state will be met with just recompense.

For more than 60 years, the people of the Niger Delta have sacrificed their lives, their blood, their land and its vast resources for the survival and continued existence of an ungrateful Nigerian state.

Leaders of the true struggle for the emancipation and liberation of the Niger Delta have continually been murdered, assassinated, hung, imprisoned and forced on exile by leaders of Northern extraction with the active connivance of saboteur elements, failed politicians and fraudulent and self seeking so-called leaders of the struggle from the Niger Delta.

85% of oil blocks and acreages shared out to Northern opportunist families like the Indimis, Deribes, Sani Bellos and others have contributed to the despoliation of the air, lands and waters of the Niger Delta rendering our fishermen and farmers jobless, poor and hopeless.

We have borne too much headache for the Nigerian State, we cannot afford the luxury of a new RUGA migraine.

We will wait for the expiration of the 30-day ultimatum.

When they start, we know where we will begin.

A word has always been good enough for the wise.


Cynthia Whyte
Joint Revolutionary Council (JRC)

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