Thursday, 12 September 2019

Communiqué: Communiqué Issued By The Patriotic Movement In Nigeria

Patriotic Call!!!
Dear countrymen and women!! Fellow compatriots!!! We all are aware of the horrible situation in our country, Nigeria. The country has completely broken down under the watch of this government. On its part, the government in the land seems not to care about the hopeless situation.

The first principle in any society is the preservation of lives and properties of the citizens, but we know today that this is an illusion in our country. Our people are being massacred in their hundreds daily and they have nobody to protect them since the government in the land seems to be part of the problem, contributing to the problem.

In the social media, the citizens express their fears, their frustrations, their anger and their helplessness amidst the on-ongoing useless massacre. Different groups have put forward their communiqué to protest this cankerworm, but they fell on deaf ears since those in government may not be far from being the sponsors of these useless killings based on the one-sided security personnel and apparatus in the country right now. The government that should have the protection of lives and properties as its priority turns out to be a significant threat to the lives and properties of the citizens. The lives of the citizens are no longer secure in any part of this country. For how long shall we be in this mess?