Friday, 28 February 2020

Report: Fragility and Conflict: On The Front Lines Of The Fight against Poverty

Photo Credit: World Bank

Globally, the prevalence of fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCS) continues to rise. The number of forcibly displaced people worldwide has more than doubled since 2012, exceeding 74 million in 2018. A new report estimates that by 2030 up to two-thirds of the global extreme poor may be living in FCS, making it evident that without intensified action, the global poverty goals will not be met. 
The new report, “Fragility and Conflict: On the Front Lines of the Fight against Poverty,” notes that the 43 countries in the world with the highest poverty rates are in FCS and/or Sub-Saharan Africa.  Economies facing chronic fragility and conflict have had poverty rates stuck at over 40 percent in the past decade, while countries that have escaped FCS have cut their poverty rates by more than half. Today, a person living in an economy facing chronic fragility and conflict is 10 times more likely to be poor than a person living in a country that hasn’t been in conflict or fragility in the past 20 years. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

News Report: Portugal Seizes Isabel Dos Santos’ Bank Accounts

Dos Santos

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Portugal has ordered the seizure of dozens of bank accounts belonging to Isabel dos Santos, the billionaire businesswoman currently under investigation for fraud in her native Angola.

Last week during a state visit by Germany’s Angela Merkel, Angolan President Joao Lourenco said his government was fighting to recover assets taken illegally from the country and had sought overseas assistance.

Special Report: "There Is No Doubting The Fact That Your Lordships, Being Human, Will From Time To Time Fall Into Error"

(Being Address To The Supreme Court Of Nigeria By Kanu Agabi(SAN), Lawyer to Supreme Court Ousted Former Governor Of Imo State, Emeka Ihedioha On February 18th, 2020).

There is no denying that this is a time of crises in our country. At this, of all times, our Supreme Court has been afforded this unique opportunity of allaying the fears of those who cast aspersions on the credibility of our courts. Those who mean well for the nation will agree that we have here an opportunity for the Supreme Court to mitigate the rising unpopularity of our courts and to rehabilitate her damaged reputation and restore the good name of the judiciary by setting aside this judgment which seems to us to be a nullity. We may be quite wrong. In that case, please, forgive us. Your verdict in this matter should match the solemn oath you have taken.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Memorandum: "Disruption Of The National Security Framework By Unwarranted Meddlesomeness"


By Babagana Monguno


A. SH/COS/46/2/1429 dated 13 September 2019

B. SH/COS/26/5/A/2609 dated 26 November 2019

References A and B were sent in response to the request for presidential intervention to sustain internal security operations of the police within the shortest possible time. However the contents of the 2 references were in variance with Mr President’s verbal directives.

Consequently, ONSA scrutinized the documents further and sought clarification from Mr President who has directed that Reference B be disregarded by all parties as it was sent without his endorsement.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Article: Engaging Nigeria's Ruling Class


By Edwin Madunagu

Nigerias ruling class has presented the nation with a number of issues around which the Nigerian Left can build an agenda of political engagement for the year 2020, or which, to use an old journalistic expression, the Left can use as pegs to construct an agenda of close and integrated engagement with the rulers for the year 2020 and beyond. The rulers of Nigeria regularly oblige us in this way.

U-Report: "End Profligacy And Return To Work"---CLO To Anambra State Governor

Obiano: Anambra State Governor

Reported By A Citizen Reporter

The Civil Liberties Organisation, CLO, South East Zone has condemned what the rights group  described as the profligate style of the Obiano administration in Anambra State calling on him to make a drastic change and commence aggressive development of the state instead,  even as his second tenure gradually winds up.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Photonews: Soldiers Block Entrance To Pro-Biafra Leader's Country Home

Photo Credit: Vanguard

Homily: "The Third Layer Of Pain Has Been Borne By The Entire Country And The Catholic World"

Bishop Kukah

(Being a homily by Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah at the Funeral of Seminarian Michael Nnadi at the "Good Shepherd Seminary" in Kaduna on 11th February 2020. Nnadi was kidnapped and killed by Boko Haram).

1. We have gathered around the remains of Michael in supplication but also as solemn witnesses to the penetrating darkness that hovers over our country. I have the rare honour of being considered the principal mourner in this ugly tragedy. It is not an honour that I am worthy of receiving. The honour belongs to God Almighty who created Michael and marked out this moment and pathway for him. The greater honour goes to his immediate family whose devotion as Catholics laid the foundation for his faith and vocation. To his grandmother, Mrs. Eunice Nwokocha, a most simple, beautiful and devout Catholic woman whose devotion and dedication saw Michael and his siblings, Chukwuebuka, Francis, Augustine and Raphael brought up in all the fine principles and disciplines of the Catholic faith.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Saturday, 1 February 2020

News Release: "Nigeria Remains Committed To Maintaining Productive Relations With The United States"---Presidency

On 31st January 2020, the United States (U.S) Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced temporary travel restrictions on six (6) countries including Nigeria.

For Nigeria, the restriction is the suspension of the issuance of “immigrant visas” to Nigerian passport holders only. This suspension shall come into effect on 21st February 2020. The suspension does not apply to other U.S visas such as those for official, business, tourism and student travel.