Monday, 2 November 2020

News Release: "Why We Support Yoo Myung For WTO DG"-U.S.A

The United States supports the selection of Korean Trade MinisterYoo Myung-hee as the next WTO Director-General.  

Minister Yoo is a bona fide trade expert who has distinguished herself during a 25-year career as a successful trade negotiator and trade policy maker.  She has all the skills necessary to be an effective leader of the organization.

This is a very difficult time for the WTO and international trade.  There have been no multilateral tariff negotiations in 25 years, the dispute settlement system has gotten out of control, and too few members fulfill basic transparency obligations.  

The WTO is badly in need of major reform.  It must be led by someone with real, hands-on experience in the field."

Released by:

Office of The U. S Trade Representative. 

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