Sunday, 21 February 2021

Article: ANLCA’s Fugitives & Constitution Forgers, Their Waterloo Beckons

By Adumaza Joe Sanni

The so-called lawyer amongst the group of serial court-orders violators – Onyimba Enekwechi, yesterday came out with a self-indicting statement, where he is now expressing acknowledgement of the Badagry High court order (16/2/2021) stopping any form of elections into chapters in Western Zone, and all other orders before it, after brazenly and knowingly with impunity violating same. Good enough.

What the so called minister in the temple of Justice failed to let the World know is that, in his 17th February 2021 statement, he had conducted a midnight “selection-election” in Ozo Felix Chukwura's Systems Place Hotel in Satellite Town, despite the warnings of the Area Commander of Area 'E' Command of the Nigeria Police on the 16th February 2021 around 1700 hours after signing an undertaking to ensure obedience to all court orders and maintain the peace. That agreement was attested to by Mukaila, Obicee and Francis on the side of the court-orders violators. Of course, on the side of the peacemakers were the Secretary of BOT – Prince Taiye Oyeniyi, Alhaji Bayo Liasu Oyekangu and Joe Sanni.

Added to this fact was that the Justice Ogundare’s Order came just as we all were signing the undertaking to obey all court orders and keep the peace. The Area Commander – ACP Halilu Muawiyah called both parties and confirmed receipt of the fresh order, offered the other party the order, but they refused it, saying their lawyers will send their own copy to them. 

When it dawned on them that the court order is for real and cannot be ignored, they decided on a quick fix strategy – that is inviting their cronies contestants to be anointed with just their vote only, pronounced elected without any number of votes and issued certificates that are not tenable anywhere.

THE EXPARTE ORDER of the Badagry high court (BD/3134GCM/2019) was for seven (7) days, and within this period, before its expiration, hearing notice (4/3/2021) has been issued dated 16/2/2021. This automatically and legally means that the order stands till the hearing notice date. 

Therefore, any attempt to clandestinely conduct any other election into any other chapter in Western Zone, will remain ultra vires, null and void, just like the midnight selection done on the 16th of February 2021, after an all inclusive agreement in the office of the Area Commander in Festac Town was reached and jointly signed. 

Saner minds continue to wonder whether the illiterate and infinitesimal number of followers of these court-orders violators are not collectively hypnotized beyond redemption. All of them, without any exception in the Eastern/Northern Zones, are being taken on a roller coaster, as co-accomplices in the violation of valid court orders and perpetrators of the mindless forgery of the Constitution of ANLCA and its deceptive introduction into the affairs of ANLCA without it being adopted by the highest policy making organ of ANLCA – The National Executive Council (NEC).


1 - FHC/L/CS/2155/2018 – This suit was instituted to stop the implementation of all the unconscionable, illegal and vindictive decisions, appointments, sacking of elected Chapters executives in Western Zone and suspension of some national officers of ANLCA without fair hearing, at the emergency NEC meeting in Abuja on the 17th of December 2018. The prayer was granted by Justice Hassan, and still subsisting till date and unvacated.

2 - FHC/L/CS/1274/2018 – This suit was instituted by Chief Peter Obih to deprive Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha the Chairmanship of the Board of Trustees (BOT), Chief Dennis Okafor as Vice Chairman and Prince Taiye Oyeniyi as Secretary. Unfortunately for himself, Tony Iju, Henry Njoku, Mukaila and co. Justice Aikawa gave a judgment that literally killed ANLCA in situ. The Honorable Justice Rilwan Aikawa declared on the 11th of October 2019 that unless and until the BOT members elected on the 13th of February 2014 in Warri, Delta State are formally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and certificated, they will remain non-members of the BOT of ANLCA. The implication of that foundation shaking judgment is that every actions, pronouncements, activities in name of ANLCA within the period by that BOT, remains null and void and of no effect. Tony & Co. refused to believe in the spirit and letters of that judgment.

3 - FHC/L/CS/05/2019 – was instituted by Babatunde Adekoya to stop any disturbance of the status quo in the Chapters in Western Zone through the decisions of ENEC in Abuja on the 17/12/2018. The Judge ruled that parties go for arbitration and report back to his court. This process was stalled intentionally by Tony Iju, Henry Njoku, Mukaila Abdulazeez, Kayode Farinto, etc by refusing to play their part.

4 - FHC/L/CS/599/2020 – This suit was instituted by the Chairman, vice Chairman and Secretary of the BOT to assert the legality of the BOT, after it was registered on the 16th of January 2020, almost a month to the tenure expiration of the 2014 elected BOT, were they to have been registered then by the Corporate Affairs Commission. Justice Oguntoyinbo have requested for the CTC of the registration certificate of the BOT within one week. This has been complied with by the BOT. The suit is still pending and the order of the court recognizing the BOT subsists till the next hearing date. 

5 - FHC/L/CS/921/2020 – This suit was instituted by some aggrieved members of ANLCA against NECOM. Justice R.M. Aikawa ordered that NECOM members should stop parading themselves as national officers of ANLCA. That order was given on the 26th of August 2020 and was reaffirmed by Justice Aikawa on the last adjourned date – 9/2/2021. Tony Iju, Kayode Farinto, Mukaila Abdulazeez, Bola Muse, etc have constantly, with impunity, disobeyed this order despite warnings from every quarters, including from Nigeria Police and some intelligence agencies to them.

6 - POSITION OF BOT ON ELECTIONS IN THE ANLCA SUPREME CONSTITUTION 2008: Sections 13 and 22 squarely put election matters in the hands of the Board of Trustees (BOT), not NECOM schedule. The claim that BOT does not exist is only trying to be smart by half, just to perform duties not ascribed to NECOM in the Constitution. If in doubt, they should approach the courts for interpretation.

Tony Iju tried so hard to introduce those so called “elected” cronies of his at PTML and Tin Can on Thursday – 18/2/2021 to the CACs, but met the stiffest challenge yet of his life. He was told in unmistakable terms that there are sitting elected executives in those chapters and that no vacancies there. In short, he was chased away as he escaped being lynched by the angry members in those chapters through the waters. 

However, they were able to sneak into the CAC – Apapa Area command’s office unnoticed, and they were able to introduce their own men and women as executives of Apapa Chapter. The bigger task ahead of those so called selected individuals as executives, is the physical take-over of the Secretariats and membership of the chapter, which looks absolutely impossible.


Tony Iju has vowed to destroy ANLCA because the Western Zone Chapters never voted for him in NECOM elections in Enugu on 8/3/2018 and aren’t willing to assist him succeed as National President.

Therefore, he has since sworn to ensure that ANLCA ceases to exist after him as the last NP. 

Of course, ANLCA will live longer, after Tony Iju – the fraudulently imposed NP - is long gone and forgotten. That evil is surely going to follow him and his maddening crowd, all the days of their lives. 

Another thing that will haunt them all the days of their lives is the squandering of Western Zone Chapters elections nomination fees in an ill-advised emergency NEC meeting held in Barcelona Hotel, Abuja on 17th December 2018. That is one of the main reasons why they were hell bent on conducting elections by hook or by crook, to justify the unaccountable disappearance of almost twelve million Naira into thin air.

Never again will these type of morons rear their ugly heads anywhere to be appointed or elected, without their full dozier being published to warn the general public not to mistake the dispositions of Tony Iju, Kayode, Mukaila, etc as being honest. They are pathological liars, incurable vagabonds and downright devilish in character and deeds. 

Let all those in Western Zone be extremely vigilant at these times and, give them a push back to where they really belong – the dustbin of ANLCA’s history.

Western Zone shall triumph over evil on the long run. 

(Sanni is an ANLCA national officer) 

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