Thursday, 16 June 2022

Article: Short Note On Mass Hysteria And Contrary Viewpoint


By Chidi Anthony Opara, FIIM

The problem mass hysteria creates is the herd or zebra mentality in which everyone is expected to act the same way and/or say the same thing without questions. 

Mass hysteria displays hostility towards any viewpoint that is not aligned to the situation created by it.

In mass a hysteria situation, the minds of the masses would be filled with something that has the potential for mass appeal but without substantial evidence to prove.

Any contrary viewpoint is seen as an afront to the happiness of the masses.

The resistance of contrary viewpoint, no matter how reasonable, sets in when the minds of the masses are saturated with hooplas,  it then becomes difficult to convince the victims of mass hysteria otherwise.

In situations in which mass hysteria have taken over, nobody interrogates or have the capability to interrogate anything contrary, rather what happens is rain of insults, hostile mechanical responses and sometimes, violence.

The crowd who called Christ "Hosanna in the highest" on Sunday, for example, were the same crowd who shouted "crucify him" on Friday. 

At the point of shouting "crucify him", it would have been futile trying to convince the hysteric crowd that the man they praised as "Hosanna in the highest" on Sunday couldn't have been a criminal with "crucify him" justification on Friday, a four-day period.

It took just one smart influential fellow, Caiaphas the High Priest, to effect that sudden change from "Hosanna in the highest" to "crucify him" in just four days. That was typical of mass hysteria.

Thank you all for your time.

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